The Otaku Intensity Project

What is the Otaku Intensity Project?

Otaku can be defined in 2 clauses:
1> To be overly obsessed in a hobby, (such hobby not common to general population, but common to the digital production), performing physical expressions beyond normal means for such hobby.
2> To be exorbitantly knowledgeable in any topic about the above regarded “hobby”.

Granted, our team are neither of the above. Imagine though, a website where the knowledge of such individuals can be tapped into. A website where the authors go beyond the initial story and give the details that most would skip over. This is the Otaku Intensity Project.

Obviously our logo is based off our favorite idiot fairy チルノ。(Chiruno). Each wing defines an aspect that almost all otaku hobbies can be sorted into: Video Games, Music, Television, and Culture. Each wing has its own individual purpose, but one can not suffice on its own. How can you talk about about the game idolmaster without knowing the culture around it? How can you talk about the culture without knowing the music behind it? How can you talk about the music without knowing the show it was inspired from? How can you talk about the show from which game it came from? Long story short, it’s a full circle.

The OI project has one other aspect. Publications. Whether it be from a news post, a video, a stream, or a live event, we intend to use everything to properly inform our audience. Our goal is not only to inform, but to promote such news.

It’s been over 5 years, but the old company “Sasuke Studio 29” has finally evolved. We welcome you to the Otaku Intensity Project.


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