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Download Links, Sequel Teasers, Impressions, and More. Everything about the concert from the director.

So, There’s ALOT I want to blog about. This convention was an emotional f*** festival and I’m glad I’m out of it. I’ll be talking about everything as I have an emotional problem where I bottle emotions up. I’m not looking for attention, but meerly trying to keep alive.

Oh man, what a ride. I had no will to do this event. Neither my school work, or anything really. I managed to get suspended from work, expelled from UCCS, quit American Ninja Warrior training, and threw away everything I did (Sasuke Studio 29) related. I literally was moments away from just ending it. I don’t talk about it too much, but I was a train wreck. This also included the concert. At one point, I just stopped planning it. Even better, I didn’t even tell anyone else who was involved that I’m done.
I still agree with my actions to this current day. Sometimes, radical changes are needed. Especially when you change your life to revolve around someone elses. When that person leaves, so much is left behind. Getting “over it” just isn’t an option when your life is so integrated. (Add on the fact that I still want to get back…)
So, why did I just randomly take the project back? NBC wanted some footage of me DJing. American Ninja Warrior is my life and I’ll let nothing hold me back. I don’t know why, but that show is my motivation. I had 1 other reason I wanted to go, it’s a once a year kind of thing.
I made this decision less than 1 month from the event. Dear god, I was not ready. My DJing skills were crap, I didn’t listen to any music from Comiket or M3 for about 6 months, and I had no equipment to save my life. I already pissed off everyone I knew by just disappearing. I’m sure my mental health took a toll on everyone else also. (No one wants to be around someone negative.) So, no skills, staff, or equipment. F***…I literally spent plenty of nights past midnight downloading and studying songs. I swear I’m going to develop a tumor due to amount of waves were in my room 24/7. Regardless, I was able to create 2 sets and I practiced them almost every day. I wasn’t going to make a fool of myself in front of an anime convention.

I got lucky and had a friend donate me some PA speakers. I “bought” an amplifier (that I would return after the concert), that worked amazingly. Setup took time but no major issues. My only problem was I forgot to plug the power cord into the subwoofer. I turned that on and BOOOOOOM. I was set. I had a setup able to play for a conference sized room with no equipment required from the convention or the hotel. I was ecstatic.

The Concert:
I’d have to say it was interesting. I look back at my set and there were so many references to doujin/otaku styled music. It’s a shame that only 1 or 2 people actually knew them. It seemed that PonPonPon was the most recognized. Touhou? Nope…Madoka? Nope…Air? Nope…Not a single shout out or cheer when these songs were being played.  It seemed people didn’t like the vocaloid songs as my second vocaloid song made almost the whole room clear out…
Japanese Hardcore… Americans are not ready. They struggled to find the beat and it was way too fast. I need to find a way to show how to enjoy this music.
I never got alot of compliments from the amount of people that came in that room. I’ll assume that only 200 of the 12,000 Anime Wasabi attendents came to the event. Out of those 200, only about 9 directly gave me a compliment. I’m really struggling to want to do a second event when my results are this low.
I had my first drunk asshole. He’s lucky I didn’t punch him or press charges. I should of stopped the music and started yelling at him in a different language. That would of made my night. Regardless, this drunk guy just hopped on stage, stepped on my equipment, and started to mess with it also. Politeness quickly turned into “You need to leave”. I may need to get con security next year if I have to deal with that again.
Apperantly, my subwoofer was melting durring the concert. The table curtain gave it nearly no cirulation and I was breathing in chemicals almost the whole dance. Only cosmetic damage to the subwoofer. I’ll remember that next time lol.

I still have a vivid memory of the last peoples in that room. If I ever see them again, I’ll give them a free T-Shirt or something. Those 2 poi dancers stayed the whole night and I totally appreciated it. I appreciate everyone who helped move my equipment after the concert also. I was still emotional and had to hit the bathroom for a bit.

Download Link:
Here’s is the album for the concert. Everything is tagged and everything!

Streaming The Concert:
Here are streamable links you can listen to the sets online.

Otaku Night Club II:

And finally, the trailer for the next concert next year!


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