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Hello! ようこそ!
My name is Curtis Tran. 私のなまえはクリス。
Many of my fans know me as DJ Cir9 (Pronounced ‘DJ Chi-ru-no’). DJ チルノ

Short Intro:
Curtis is no stranger to the world of broadcasting. Known as a veteran 4-Time American Ninja Warrior competitor, a Season 3 GT Academy contestant, and a 6-Year Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) analyst. Curtis started his broadcast experience as the first A-Style (Akiba Style) Concert Producer in the Rocky Mountain Region over 7 years ago.

With the goal to promote Japanese digital arts, Curtis created Otaku Intensity Productions. Traveling the USA, Curtis can been seen on TV or at conventions spreading the culture of Japanese Digital Arts.

Pictures of some of the broadcasts Curtis Tran has been on.

Concert Experiences:
Known as DJ Cir9, Curtis has performed at concerts and clubs all around the USA like the Rocky Mountain Nan Desu Kan (CO), the east coast Nashicon (SC), the desert Sabotencon (AZ)., the great plains of Anime Nebraskcon (NE) and A&G Con (OH), the resorts of Holiday Matsuri (FL) plus many more. He also was invited as the headline DJ for a Japanese event in one of Colorado’s top night clubs The Church.

While his time in Japan is always extremely limited, Curtis also has been a 7+ year broadcaster on NicoVideo.Jp. getting advice and support from the Japanese internet world to help broaden and explain the Japanese Digital Arts.

(The link below lists all previous and upcoming events for DJ Cir9)

Some of the venues DJ Cir9 has performed around the USA

Style Of Music:
As the first A-Style DJ in the Rocky mountain region, DJ Cir9 specialty is creating a megamix of Anime, Video Game, Touhou, Vocaloid, Denpa, and Original Japanese music retrieved from conventions like M3, Reitaisai, and Comiket.(Not to mention going broke tying to buy every album.)

By Studying/Researching productions overseas, he is able to obtain music that will normally never be heard in the USA.


Chris K’s self produced concert series in Colorado.

Audition/Demo Tape:
CLICK HERE For Demo Mix (2013 Animeland Wasabi Mix)
(Notice: There’s sound clipping for the first 45 seconds but no issues after.)

The link above is a portion of Otaku Intensity’s first self-run concert “Otaku Night Club” at Animeland Wasabi 2013. While the style of music is hard to explain, Japanese music fans can absolutely related to countless amount of references to their culture.

None of the uploaded mixes via mixcloud are studio recorded. This means what you heard is what my audience heard live. Mistakes will be made, but it’s the fun of the show the good and the bad. Feel free to check out any of the other mixes in the account! Just note that hardcore is not for the faint of heart and will only be played at our concert or upon request.

Studio History

The constant expanding studio at Otaku Intensity.

Guest Accommodations:
I absolutely hate talking about accommodations…I’m too much of a nice guy for this kind of talk. I’ll try my best to keep this short! To start off, I will never take an “additional” appearance fee. Not only is this a hobby, I feel that it goes against my goals to help promote Japanese Digital Arts.

My requests involve the following (I am open for negotiation):
– A Guest Level Badge.

– Flight Transportation from DIA: Denver International Airport
(I can cover my own baggage and I have my own travel DJ equipment that fits perfectly.)

– A hotel room.
(I am perfectly willing to share with staff members as long as the room isn’t a party room.)


Here’s everywhere so far where DJ Cir9 has traveled!

Additional Abilities:
If you need me to run any panels, I have 3 that have been used in multiple conventions also! Click here to be directed to the panel page!

Also, I have staffed multiple conventions and can fill almost any position if your convention needs an additional hand. My specialty would be in the A/V department due to my experience in production.

How To Contact:
Feel free to contact me with the E-mail below. My accommodations are not set in stone and I am willing to negotiate with any convention to help out.