Chris Kaatsu – CEO/Head Director

Favorites: Music/Puzzle Games, White Chocolate, Chicken Alfredo
Dislikes: Sandbox Styled Games, Being Allergic To Milk Chocolate

Chris is currently the main overseer of video and press publications for the O.I. (Otaku Intensity) project. His first introduction to the electronic entertainment industry was a Game Boy Pocket with Zelda: Link’s Awakening as a B-Day present. Chris’ curiosity grew around this Japanese company and the culture behind it. Soon enough, this curiosity has turned into an absolute fascination with the Japanese culture which is found easily expressed from some of his hobbies. From a seasoned competitor on American Ninja Warrior, a 5+ attendance at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, and an extensive list of anime conventions around the USA that has been visited, Chris’s experience is unrivaled at such a young age.

Daniel E. [ArcadeHitman] – Editor