Hotel Roommate Rules

Self Intro:
Hello! My name is Chris K.
If you want to know more about me, feel free to check out the link below.

Age: This offer is only available for those of the age 17.5 and up at time of check in. This is to prevent any legal issues with any hotel roommates.
Gender: This room is open to all genders but please note that you may be the only guy, only girl, etc. in the room. It all depends on who asks first.
Reservation: This is a first come first serve basis.

Payment Due Date: Payment will be due in cash at check-in. I must receive your payment first before I hand you your room key. I can not accept rain checks or anything as I don’t want any roommates skipping on their payment. It’s not fair to have other roommates pay their fair share just to have the one person ruin it for everyone else. (Upon acceptance to the room, I’ll exchange numbers in such to stay in contact during the convention).

1> No Alcohol, Illegal Drugs, Smoking, Marijuana, Etc. This is a dry room and this rule is absolute. Note that this includes being under any influence. For the safety of other roommates and myself, I can not authorize the ability to drink or similar actions to happen in a different room and for such guest to still come back in this hotel room.
2> No parting. This is a no party room. You may bring friends to help you put on your cosplay, etc. I just don’t want a group of random people getting free access to the room. Also, other guests may be sleeping.
3> Be respectful to other roommates. To start off, not everyone has the same ideals. Second, this also includes other roommates possessions. Do not touch other guests belongings.
4> No addition charge room service, pay-per-view movies, safe usage, etc. I do not want such additional charges attached to my room.
5> I request that all roommates have the room fully clean by the final day @ 10:30. We will say our final goodbye and ensure that the room is in perfect condition for hotel staff. This may include the balcony and bathroom!
6> All legal rules still apply. Charges will be pressed if any laws are broken. I may be a nice guy but I do not play games with such matters. (This is when the serious stuff happens like fighting, violence, destruction of property, etc.)
7> Have fun at the con! Isn’t this the reason everyone is here?

Final Statements:
To start off, sorry for the strictness of the rules and such. I’m actually a laid back guy but due to contracts with TV stations and such, I am liable for any negative publicity. (Also, I have a lot of horror stories when I didn’t lay out rules…