[Panel] Inside Ninja Warrior

///Panel Details:
Program Guide Panel Description:
Want an inside look into the most sadistic gameshow in the world? As an experienced 4 time competitor of the TV show “American Ninja Warrior”, Curtis Tran will give you an inside look at Sasuke; Japan’s ongoing 30th season international gameshow.

Indepth Panel Overview:
This panel will go into the specifics of the origins of Sasuke and how the show has changed and evolved within the last 25 years.
Attendants will be informed of common/reoccurring athletes as well as reoccurring obstacles in the TV show.
Then attendants will be able to watch the most current season of the show with live translated commentary by myself. Attendants will also be able to ask questions during the show.

Age Restrictions:
This panel is acceptable for all ages.

Expected Audience Size:
This is my largest attended panel. Depending on the time and schedule, I have seen mid-sized panel rooms exceed max capacity.


///Technical Requirements:
Microphones and Audio Hookup/Speakers
Projector (VGA or HDMI) [HDMI Prefered]
Mini-display Macbook VGA Adapter

I will bring my own cables and adapters though you may want to have a backup since airlines are really good at losing baggage.


///Preferred Scheduling:
Panel Length:
The average length of the panel is 60 minutes which includes setup and tear-down. This panel can also be extended to 90 or 120 minutes.

Preferred Available Times:
Sunday excluded


///Additional Information:
– This panel can not be scheduled during any part of the nightly convention dances. This will also include setup and tear-down.
– This panel can not be scheduled during any guest press events as I may be asked to attend such.
– I have no problem running back-to-back panels. It makes it easier on me to be honest.



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