[Panel] Puyo Puyo vs. Tetris

///Panel Details:

Program Guide Panel Description:
Puyo Puyo and Tetris in the same game?!? Come learn about Japan’s longest running puzzle game Puyo Puyo and how this series was combined with Tetris. We’ll teach you the history and rules of both games and teach you guys how to battle it out!

Indepth Panel Overview:
This panel will focus on the puzzle game series “Puyo Puyo”. Attendants will learn about the origin of the series and the gameplay basics.
Attendants will also learn about the evolution of the series and its spread around the world. This will also lead into how Puyo Puyo and Tetris were combined into their own games.
Attendants will then learn techniques in both games for successful play.
Finally pending time, attendants will be able to try the game with others with the audience. DJ Cir9 may also play dependent if there is someone good enough (or cocky) enough to try.

Age Restrictions:
This panel is acceptable for all ages.

Expected Audience Size:
This panel is great for small rooms or game rooms.


///Technical Requirements:
Microphones and Audio Hookup/Speakers

Projector (HDMI)
[For PS3 Game and Macbook Powerpoint]

Mini-display Macbook VGA Adapter
[For Macbook Pro]

I will bring my own cables and adapters though a backup would be


///Preferred Scheduling:
Panel Length:
The average length of the panel is 60 minutes which includes setup and tear-down. This panel can be condensed into a 30 minute panel if needs be.

Preferred Available Times:
Sunday excluded


///Additional Information:
– This panel can not be scheduled during any part of the nightly convention dances. This will also include setup and tear-down.
– This panel can not be scheduled during any guest press events as I may be asked to attend such.
– I have no problem running back-to-back panels. It makes it easier on me to be honest.



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